Balancing Work, Money, and Relationships

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Everyone feels stressed about money and work from time to time, and for good reason. Careers and finances can have a profound impact on our families, our relationships, and our own personal health and well-being. Money and work can play the role that other addictions often play in people’s lives—that of a coping mechanism for unaddressed trauma, emotional pain, and self-destructive personal beliefs. Money obsession, work addiction, spending addiction, under earning, gambling, high-risk investing, chaotic entrepreneurship, hoarding, deprivation, and financial codependence are all signs that unhealthy attitudes about money have taken control of your life.

Are you having trouble reconciling your emotional balance sheet? Do your friends and family complain that you work too much? Do you give up or limit social, occupational, or recreational activities because you’d rather work? Are you frugal to the point of deprivation? Are you uncertain whether your spending habits are normal, or a signal of a larger problem? If so, our Living in Abundance: Balancing Work, Money and Relationships workshop was designed specifically for you.

Living in Abundance Workshop

Living in Abundance is a five-day intensive that will help you develop insights into your relationship to money and work. The workshop aims to help participants:

  • Discover how your behavior related to money and work developed
  • Recognize the rewards and costs of your behavior to one’s self and others
  • Obtain a treatment plan which intervenes on existing behavior and fosters a healthy relationship with money and work that will also enhance your relationship with yourself and others

Each participant will complete the Money and Work Adaptive Styles (MWASI) assessment tool created by Bonnie DenDoovan and receive the interpreted results.

For more details, call 800-244-4949 or contact us online.

March 3rd, 2016

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