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Benefits of Traveling for Addiction Treatment

Written By: The Meadows Web Team

By Christa Banister

If you’re struggling with addiction and taking the proactive measures needed to prioritize your treatment, you are making an important and significant move forward with your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Admitting you need help is a giant leap in the right direction.

Now that you’ve decided that treatment is your next step, how do you pinpoint which facility will be the most beneficial? Should it be somewhere close to where you live, or does traveling for addiction treatment better suit your specific needs?

Considering the investment of time and money that recovery can involve, finding the right place to address your addiction and any co-occurring issues is crucial.

Sure, it may feel practical — or a little easier — to squeeze in treatment along with your regular work and family responsibilities, but multitasking isn’t the always the best way to address addiction. Having an opportunity to step away from the triggers that cause alcohol or substance misuse has a number of tangible benefits, says

Should I Travel for Addiction Treatment?

When it comes to recovery from alcohol addiction or substance abuse, there’s no one-size-fits-all plan that works best for everyone. Your needs may be different from someone else’s, which is why making the choice that’s best for you is key.

Sometimes the best way for someone to begin addressing their addiction is away from friends, family, work, and the places that are addiction triggers. Without the stresses and distractions of your everyday life, it’s possible for a new start in a space where you can exclusively focus on getting better.

Sometimes the best way for someone to begin addressing their addiction is away from friends, family, work, and the places that are addiction triggers.

Some of the other notable benefits of inpatient treatment include:

  • On-site medical personnel to help with withdrawal symptoms during detoxification
  • On-site counseling and group therapy tailored to your needs
  • Family benefits such as therapy or learning new coping skills
  • Freedom from toxic friends
  • Adoption of new healthy behaviors, better nutrition, and self-care
  • Legal assistance
  • Vocational training
  • Access to unique therapies such as expressive arts, equine therapy, ropes courses, and more, depending on the facility
  • Peer support
  • A deeper dive into recovery with a program that isn’t rushed
  • Lesser chance of quitting prematurely and going home
  • Anonymity with no worry of seeing coworkers or acquaintances while focusing on recovery

Benefits of Inpatient Mental Health Treatment

One of the many revelations that emerged from the pandemic was the importance of putting on the proverbial oxygen mask before assisting others. Harvard Business Review notes how It’s impossible to be our best for our family, friends, and coworkers if we aren’t addressing our basic needs and mental health.

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The same goes for those struggling with addiction. While traveling for addiction treatment may seem selfish or indulgent, the benefits of inpatient treatment allow for a more comprehensive approach that pays off in the long run. Given the complex nature of addiction, it’s not surprising that the best results stem from a longer period of treatment.

A crucial component in recovery is addressing the underlying conditions that led to addiction in the first place. This is where inpatient mental health treatment becomes vital. Whether it’s healing from unresolved trauma, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), or anxiety, focusing on these issues separately — in addition to addiction treatment — is essential.

We Are Here for You

If you are a man struggling with sex addiction issues or addiction to pornography, our caring experts at Gentle Path at the Meadows are here to help. With evidence-based treatment options, we can help you find freedom from the things that are controlling your life and relationships.

While many treatment centers address these conditions in a more generalized way, Gentle Path has four decades of success featuring the guidance of top experts in what’s an often misunderstood field. Since addiction often thrives in isolation with secrecy and shame as unwelcome byproducts, trying to overcome these issues on your own is often an exercise in frustration.

And that’s where Gentle Path comes in. Going beyond the symptoms to explore the root problems, our comprehensive programs address sexual addictions, unresolved trauma, and co-occurring issues in a supportive environment. And every person who leaves our center is encouraged to continue their journey with us through MBH Onward, our Meadows Behavioral Healthcare alumni network offering lifelong support and resources.

Want to learn more about our program? Don’t hesitate to reach out 24/7.

March 17th, 2023

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