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Written By: Gentle Path

Senior Fellows at The Meadows Claudia Black, PhD, and Patrick Carnes, PhD, CAS, will be featured speakers at the upcoming Summit for Clinical Excellence, March 9 -12. The summit offers advanced clinical training for therapists and counselors with up to 26 Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) available.

The theme this year is “Freud Meet Buddha: Mindfulness, Trauma and Process Addictions.” . Dr. Black will give her keynote presentation, “ Reverberations of Trauma in the Addictive Family” on March 9. Dr. Carnes will present “The Secret of Life: The Meaning of Recovery” on March 11. Other sessions will cover topics such as…

  • Brain-based therapy and PTSD;
  • Mindfulness for Anxiety and Depression;
  • Understanding Addiction Interaction,
  • Compassion Practice and Empathy Training for Therapists,
  • Turning Sexual Problems into Personal Growth;
  • Contemplative Psychotherapy: Beginning with Oneself;
  • and more.

The conference is co-hosted this year by The Claudia Black Young Adult Center at The Meadows, and Gentle Path at The Meadows. To register, go

February 11th, 2016

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