Getting Treatment During the Holidays is Worth the Sacrifice

Written By: Gentle Path

By Mandy McBride, RN, BSN, Gentle Path at The Meadows

Dealing with addiction can be especially challenging around the holidays not only for the addict but also for the family.

Two years ago on Christmas Day, I found myself driving with my daughter and son to pick up my husband who had been in the hospital several days for detox. After picking him up at the hospital, we drove about an hour away to drop him off at an inpatient facility for a 30-day program. I had brought a few presents with me for the kids to open in the car that day. While this was a tough day for all of us, I would still consider it to be one of our best Christmases together. I am thankful and grateful for that time sacrificed during the holidays that year because it has helped to lead us to the lives we have today. My husband is now approaching two years sober and is planning on chairing the local NA meeting on Christmas Day this year.

I do not regret any time that we spent away from each other while my husband was in treatment. The quality of our time together now is so much richer and more fulfilling thanks to his sobriety.

Holidays used to be a time of uncertainty for my family that often led to pain. Now I can honestly say that I look forward to them.

If you are considering coming to treatment, I would urge you not to delay this because of the holidays. If anything, let this time of year motivate you to not focus on how things have been, but how they could be. There is always going to be a holiday or event around the corner that we feel that we cannot miss.

As an addict or the family member of an addict, ask yourself if making a change to that one birthday, or that one Thanksgiving, or that one Christmas at home, is more important than changing your life.

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Families can feel a bit over-extended during the holidays. That can make the prospect of entering into treatment for trauma, addiction, eating disorders, and other mental health issues even more daunting.

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December 16th, 2016

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