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This is part two of this blog posting.

This is part two of our insights and excerpts from Dr. Patrick Carnes’ upcoming book, Recovery Zone II, Building A New Life. In this sneak peek, Dr. Carnes reflects on the experiences of business executives, professionals, celebrities, musicians, medical professionals, or attorneys who he has seen come through the Gentle Path and Willow House programs at The Meadows. He states:

“Think of people of extraordinary talent that you know of who went to treatment. They had extraordinary success already but addiction and mental illness thrived in the trauma and stress of fame and performance. Sometimes whole bands or whole high profile families would seek help. Sometimes they would have to go more than once – maybe even multiple times. Because of their success, this was noteworthy to our media. They cater to an audience of people who enjoy the failures of people who followed their talent. Shakespeare knew that audience and talked about jealousy and envy as “a green-eyed monster which mocks the very meat it feeds upon.” Media commentators roll their eyes and make fun when someone ends up in treatment again. Pundits discuss whether recovery or treatment works when someone in the news repeatedly goes to treatment, and then dies of an overdose or destroys their life with bad behavior.”

The individuals who are seen as pillars of the business, professional, music, movie, or TV world face unique problems when trying to deal with their pornography or sexual addictions. Individuals like Terry Crews, Kanye West, Jahn Mayer, and others have openly spoken about their difficulties with pornography, showing incredible courage by opening up to a frequently judgemental media and leaving themselves open to criticism from the public. CEOs, politicians, celebrities, and professionals are in the same boat as the average man. We all put our pants on one leg at a time and we are all faced with the challenges that exposure to pornography, frequently at an early age, brings. Challenges that include those close to them misunderstanding the difficulty they face. When you add to that the idea that it is a weakness, it’s a wonder that men or women talk about it at all.

Dr. Carnes has trained the staff at Gentle Path and Willow House to understand and help those suffering from pornography addiction. From working directly with the individual in a compassionate and caring way to educating the loved ones in their family, Gentle Path and Willow House, with Dr. Patrick Carnes’ guidance and support, are here to help.

August 1st, 2017

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