Enlightened Engagement: Relationship Healing Through Mindfullness

Written By: Gentle Path

Irene Jacobs, Program Director for Willow House, hosted a webinar recently addressing relationship healing through mindfulness. Her counseling background has shaped her passion in the field of trauma and addiction. Her experience includes sex addiction, love addiction, relationship and intimacy issues, victims of domestic sex trafficking, human trafficking, survivors of torture, self-harm, personality disorders, addictions, and disordered eating.

During this webinar, Jacobs will address the times of discord and emotional missteps in a relationship and how to deal with them. When relationship partners come together to work through miscommunication issues, getting on the same page emotionally is one of the challenges. This presentation offers a unique perspective of the internal dynamic that occurs in relationships. During the presentation, relational interactions are broken down into three stages with descriptions of each one and the corresponding challenges unique to the first two stages addressed. The third relational stage explores psychological and spiritual healing with a focus on Mindfulness. Mindfulness skill building will be taught using practical tools with relational acceptance and emotional/situational neutrality. After viewing this webinar, you will be able to list the three stages of relationship interaction, identify the challenges inherent in each stage of relationship interaction, describe the mindfulness skills that are effective in relational acceptance as related to the third stage of relational interaction.

January 12th, 2017

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