Sex Addiction Treatment is Not Just a Public Relations Strategy

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The latest public figure to check in to rehab for sex addiction was Anthony Wiener. In most situations where a person is exposed for having acted inappropriately in a sexual manner, public relations experts will encourage the individual to seek treatment and publicly announce that as a way to save face. We’ve seen this with many celebrities over the years. What the public doesn’t often understand is that sex addiction is a real problem, and these people need real help. So while they may not have been committed to treatment prior to attending a program, by the time they leave chances are their life has changed for the better.

Mr. Weiner certainly isn’t the only political figure to show poor choices when it comes to sexual behaviors. This country has seen past presidents and presidential nominees exhibit poor behavior in relation to sexual activities or talk. Whether these individuals suffer from sexual addiction is beyond the scope of this article. What is important is to acknowledge that sex addicts who seek help are deserving of the room, the peace, and the space they need to explore these issues. Problems related to sex addiction can strike anyone, whether they are political figures, sports icons, high-powered executives or movie and television stars.

Gain Power Over Sex Addiction

Sex addiction is a real problem, and it does tend to impact people in a position of power more often than not. Many feel that they have the ability to do whatever they please, even at the expense of others. So not only does sex addiction have the possibility of ruining your own life, it hurts those around you, including your family, friends, colleagues, employees, and in extreme cases the victims of your behavior.

If you are acting inappropriately in a sexual manner that negatively impacts the quality of your life and takes time and energy away from the things you enjoy doing on a regular basis, you may need help. Whether it’s something that seems more innocent, like looking at porn too frequently or sending “dick pics,” or a more severe issue like cheating on your spouse, paying for sex, or being aggressive or abusive to others through your sexual behavior, please seek professional help before it consumes you and ruins your life.

November 17th, 2016

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