Safe and Sound Protocol

An evidence-based, auditory therapy

Pioneered by Polyvagal Theory creator Dr. Stephen Porges, the Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) is an evidence-based, auditory therapy that shifts the nervous system to be more present and calm while increasing receptivity to other therapies.

What is SSP?

Part of Meadows Behavioral Healthcare’s Trauma Department and Brain Center, this non-invasive and effective listening protocol helps with trauma-related symptoms, anxiety, and sound sensitivities. Dr. Porges developed the SSP to retune the ears and nervous system for safety and connection. When patients experience safety on a felt sense level, they report feeling internal calm and stability that allows them to be more present to their life experience.

Safe and Sound Protocol - man painting

How It Works

SSP is an experience that involves listening to five hours of music that has been specially filtered to emphasize the frequencies of the human voice. The music trains the auditory system to focus on the voice while also stimulating the vagus nerve, the part of the body responsible for maintaining calmness and a feeling of safety. After completing the SSP, patients find themselves better able to connect with themselves, others, and the world around them. Listening sessions are supported by expressive activities like art, movement, poetry, and the tracking of sensations and emotions, in order to support healing and strengthen the Self.

Safe and Sound Protocol - man painting

Change Your Story

Gentle Path is a safe, nurturing community composed of peers where your journey of recovery will include not just dealing with outward behaviors but examining the underlying causes. The goal is to gain the courage to face difficult issues (including grief and loss), heal from emotional trauma, and become accountable for your feelings, behaviors, and recovery. 


Taking that first step is hard, but there’s a new life of health and hope just waiting for you. The next chapter of your life can begin now, but only you can change your story.

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