Chemical Use in Young Adults

Written By: Gentle Path

Dr. Erica Sarr, primary therapist at Gentle Path at The Meadows, facilitated an educational webinar titled Addiction Interaction in Young Adults: Drugs, Sex & Tech for clinical professionals August 24, 2017.

Dr. Sarr, who specializes in the intersection of sexuality, mental health, and technology, touched on topics such as porn use in young adults, gaming addictions, drug abuse, and age normative behaviors for young adults during the 45-minute presentation. In the following excerpt from the webinar, Dr. Sarr speaks to the social factors that affect a persons choice of chemicals and the impact they have on their lives. Young adults not only lead in the innovation in technology, science, and other areas, but also in discovering new sources to get high. More and more, young adults are finding acceptance in substance use, which may be negatively influencing their lives.

In the full video, Dr. Sarr describes the addiction interaction between drugs, sex, and technology as we have seen it play out in patients at the Meadows Behavioral Healthcare family of specialized treatment programs. To view the full recording of the webinar go to Meadows Behavioral Healthcare has made a commitment to offering a series of webinars designed for working professionals. The short courses offer real-world applicable knowledge clinical professionals can use in their work with patients struggling with addiction, trauma, and co-occurring conditions. Webinars are presented during the lunch hour and provide professional development opportunities while earning continuing education credit or NBCC clock hour for attendance. To receive notification of future webinars offered by Meadows Behavioral Healthcare, sign up here.

January 12th, 2017

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