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Sexual issues are made even more confusing by a lack of information. If you don’t know where to turn or who you can trust, how can you get help? That’s why we’re here. And seeking help doesn’t mean you have a sex addiction, it just means you have issues that need to be addressed.

Our program might be for you if:

  • You use sexual behavior to soothe uncomfortable feelings
  • Your sexual behavior has started to take up more time or space in your life than you’d like it to
  • Your sexual behavior is interfering with other areas like work, school, or relationships
  • You often feel guilty, depressed, or ashamed after sex
  • Your sexual habits make you feel like you’re living a double life

Though Gentle Path is known for treating sex addiction, our highly trained clinicians can also address other sexual issues in depth, including complex paraphilias, sexual values conflict, and other non-compulsive issues of intimacy and sexuality.

What to Expect

Our admissions specialists will ask for the issues that prompted your call, basic demographics, and treatment history. Before you arrive, we will prepare a program to meet your specific needs.

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Paying for Treatment

Admitting you need help is hard enough without worrying about how to pay for it. Gentle Path is in-network with several providers and also has the ability to work with out-of-network insurers.

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What to Bring

We know you have questions about what to pack, which items are allowed at treatment, and what to leave home. We have the information you need to best prepare for your time with us.

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I believe in MBH, what it has to offer, and the countless lives changed. I am committed to working with compassion and a sense of urgency to get you the answers you need to make a decision regarding treatment options.

— Shawn Mallicoat Vice President, Admissions and Patient Finance

Failed Past Treatment

Maybe you’ve been to treatment before and you’re still struggling. Why will this time be different? If previous treatment attempts didn’t produce the results you were hoping for, there can be many reasons for this, but it’s important that you remain committed to your recovery. We believe Gentle Path at The Meadows is the best choice for males with sexual addiction issues because:

  • Our 45-day program is based on research showing a longer length of stay increases the success rate of recovery.
  • The program was designed by experts in their fields with years of experience, including Senior Fellow Dr. Patrick Carnes.
  • Patients receive personalized attention from our multi-disciplinary treatment team, which includes a staff psychiatrist, medical doctor, master’s-level licensed therapists, and 24-hour nursing.
  • We engage the family throughout the treatment experience.
  • Our holistic approach incorporates mindfulness activities and life skills into the recovery process.
  • We work with our patients to confront their issues in an integrated and positive manner and help them get a real sense of their potential while taking ownership of their lives.
  • We are accredited by The Joint Commission, which demonstrates our ongoing commitment to safe, quality treatment.

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Taking that first step is hard, but there’s a new life of health and hope just waiting for you. The next chapter of your life can begin now, but only you can change your story.

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