Co-Occurring Disorders

Addiction and mental health issues often go hand in hand

What Are Co-Occurring Disorders?

Many people dealing with an addiction have at least one mental health disorder as well, and those dealing with one addiction are more at risk of developing additional addictions. This presence of two or more disorders at the same time, referred to as co-occurring disorders, is very common.

When someone is in pain or feels distress, it’s understandable that they would try to self-medicate in an attempt to alleviate those unwanted feelings. That means someone struggling with depression or anxiety might turn to drugs or alcohol to numb their symptoms. Substance misuse often occurs in conjunction with sexual addiction issues, lowering inhibitions and making it easier to rationalize compulsive or harmful behaviors.

Common triggers for dysfunctional responses include:

  • Stress
  • Emotional pain
  • Specific childhood trauma
  • Sexual abuse
  • Physical abuse
  • Sexual trauma

Addressing the Interconnected Issues

When it comes to a dual diagnosis, one issue exacerbates the other. That’s why integrated treatment that addresses both conditions in the same setting concurrently is so important. At Gentle Path, we address the underlying causes and relationship of these co-occurring disorders to help facilitate not just temporary change but long-term recovery.

Closer Look: Co-occurring Disorders

Change Your Story

Gentle Path is a safe, nurturing community composed of peers where your journey of recovery will include not just dealing with outward behaviors but examining the underlying causes. The goal is to gain the courage to face difficult issues (including grief and loss), heal from emotional trauma, and become accountable for your feelings, behaviors, and recovery.


Taking that first step is hard, but there’s a new life of health and hope just waiting for you. The next chapter of your life can begin now, but only you can change your story.

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