Recovery is a Lifelong Journey

MBH Onward

… Because Staying Connected After Treatment Makes All the Difference

Treatment is just the beginning. Recovery is a lifelong journey, and we’ve seen firsthand how staying connected to those who’ve been there can make all the difference. That’s why our Meadows Behavioral Healthcare Alumni Association, MBH Onward, exists — to provide alumni of all MBH programs with ongoing resources and community to empower them to continue the work they began during treatment.

Research shows that the longer someone is engaged, the better their chance of long-term, successful recovery. We know that everyone’s needs are different. That’s why we offer a wide range of resources, programming, and opportunities to stay connected. So why not join us as we celebrate the shared experience of recovery?

Our Sole Purpose is to be here for you, to engage each graduate on day 1 and still have them engaged on day 1,000.

— Aleah Johnson Director of Alumni Outreach and Development

The MBH Onward App

Our app is just for alumni of our programs, putting community, connection, and resources at your fingertips 24-7. MBH Onward includes inspiration, practical tips, interactive prompts that encourage engagement and accountability, a community who “gets it” to support you when you’re struggling, and access to original MBH articles, podcasts, and more. Available on both iOS and Android devices.

Alumni Newsletters

Our monthly online newsletters highlight various opportunities each month while offering encouragement to all alumni. There is also information about Meadows-trained therapists in your area, a mid-month connection affirmation email, details about upcoming Facebook Live events, and other recommendations. Oh, and rest assured that we’ll never share or sell your email address.

Daily Virtual Groups

Announced through weekly email reminders, we offer opportunities to gather online with other alumni seven days a week. In addition to our popular Recovery Enhancement Groups, we’re expanding to include specialty topics, interactive recovery sessions, and meetings that follow a 12-Step format. As with other Alumni Association offerings, these groups are free to anyone who has completed an MBH program. [NOTE: As COVID restrictions are lifted, we will resume offering in-person options at our Meadows Outpatient Centers in Scottsdale, Dallas, and Silicon Valley.]

Alumni Events

Focused on engagement and inspiration, these events are held at a variety of different locations across the country. Typically, a trusted local resource shares their expertise, delivering a recovery-related presentation followed by a hands-on expressive arts project or other creative activity. These Alumni Events are free of charge with the exception of Alumni Weekend.

Social Media LInks

Our MBH Onward Facebook page is the latest addition, but many Meadows facilities are also active on social media. These options allow alumni to stay informed and find encouragement on Instagram and Facebook, so look for us online.

Trudging Together

This initiative was created to provide opportunities for alumni to connect and share their experience, strength, and hope with other MBH alums in your area. As a Trudging Together contact, you will help us reiterate The Meadows message and offer a continuum of support. If you’re interested in serving other alumni in this way, we require that you have at least six months of recovery.


Aleah Johnson

Director of Alumni Outreach and Development

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, Aleah Johnson earned her undergraduate degree from Washington State University in leadership and professional studies with an emphasis on event design. Prior to joining the Meadows Behavioral Healthcare team, she worked as an event planner, where weddings and social gatherings were her specialty. It was only after she found that planning parties and being the life of the party went hand in hand with addiction for her, that she knew it was time to seek help. Through her own recovery journey, Johnson felt there had to be a higher purpose for her life and work. Wanting to make a change, she applied for a job with MBH, packed what she could fit in her car, and headed for Arizona. Now she channels those event planning skills into recovery-related events and programs. Being able to spend time with alumni after they complete treatment, hearing about their accomplishments, and helping them overcome setbacks are highlights of the job. Johnson’s primary focuses are connection and community, using those to provide safe places and platforms for alum from any of our programs to be able to gain knowledge and connect with others to be successful on their recovery journey.

Tyler Winter

Alumni Outreach Specialist

Originally from New Orleans, Louisiana, Tyler Winter began working in the behavioral health field when he was six months sober. His first job in the field was managing sober homes for the same sober home where he had been a resident. Next up, he was given an opportunity to help start an extended care for a substance abuse facility where he served as the live-in house manager and tech. In 2017, Winter relocated to Dallas and took a job as the 12-Step/alumni coordinator at a residential substance abuse treatment center. He spent four years there before moving to Arizona for his current role at Meadows Behavioral Healthcare.

In addition to his role as an alumni outreach specialist, Winter is also pursuing a master’s in social work. His own recovery story began when he was just 17. After multiple residential treatment stays and getting heavily involved in the 12-Step process, he is extremely passionate about sharing the gift of recovery he was given. His personal experience informs the work he does every day, acting as a resource and support to alumni, coordinating commencement events at the Wickenburg campuses, and facilitating alumni support and Education groups.

Winter says one of his favorite parts of his job is being able to see a person come into treatment broken and in pain and watch them transform their life into something they could have never imagined. When not busy working, he takes part in 12-Step fellowships and sponsors other men. Meditation and other spiritual disciplines are also very important to him, he enjoys working out, and he’s currently teaching himself to cook and play guitar (“because my drums are too loud for the neighbors”).

Justin McNeely

Alumni Outreach Specialist

A Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor-intern with a bachelor’s degree in social work, Justin McNeely is pursuing a master’s degree in social work from his alma mater, University of Texas in his hometown of Arlington. An alumni outreach specialist at Meadows Behavioral Healthcare, he has also worked as a counselor at Samaritan House where he provided services and resources for clients affected with HIV/AIDS in Fort Worth, Texas. Other roles include peer support/recovery coach/recovery advocate at MHMR in Fort Worth and alumni specialist at Texas Health Recovery and Wellness Center.

McNeely has a personal history of recovery that includes multiple stays in residential treatment. Fortunately, others loved him until he could love himself, and he got involved in the recovery community, pursuing a 12-Step sponsor and finding a program. He soon realized he wanted to help others as a way to give back. In his current role he provides a continuation of care to those who have completed an MBH program, offering support and hope by utilizing active listening and encouraging alumni to persevere and build the village of support that he so desperately needed.

When not working, McNeely can be found hiking, camping, learning, appreciating life and where he is today, surrounded by family, friends, and the mountains.

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