Financial and Work Disorders Workshop for Therapists

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For many people, financial and work addiction often co-exists with other addictions. Failing to recognize and address these addictions can prevent true recovery. It is also a major cause of issues in relationships that brings many couples into therapists’ offices. And, it can be a significant problem among young adults-financial issues are one major factor that disqualifies many 17-21-year-olds from joining the military.

This is such a critical component of treatment; but unfortunately, many therapists are not able or willing to address it. That’s why IITAP is offering a Financial and Work Disorders task training, August 26 -29 for therapists who wish to gain the knowledge necessary to become a much-needed expert in the field.

More About the Workshop

The Financial and Work Disorders Workshop is a 4-day training for mental health professionals. The training will be both experiential and didactic, providing personal and professional development and growth.

Once they’ve completed the workshop, clinicians will be able to identify, assess, and treat financial and work disorders. Theories of cognitive and family systems psychology will be woven together with behavioral economics and the neurobiology of decision making to create case conceptualizations of compulsive spenders, debtors, workaholics, under-earners, gamblers, and the like.

Assessment using the Financial and Work Adaptive Styles Index will be taught, along with ways to apply the Task-Centered approach in the clinical setting.

The workshop is part of the Certified Multiple Addiction Therapist (CMAT®) training. It provides 28 CECs/CEUs. Those in the IITAP community will fulfill the IITAP CEU requirement for renewal of CSAT/ASAT/PSAP certification. Additionally, those in the IITAP community will receive the CMAT/AMAT/PMAP certification.

The cost for the three-day training is $750. (Late Registration is $795.)

The Facilitator

Bonnie A. DenDooven, MC, LAC is a former business owner-turned-therapist. She is the author of the MAWASI © for therapy and healing of “financial disorders and work disorders. She is a former primary and family counselor and assistant clinical director for Dr. Patrick Carnes at The Meadows. Bonnie was schooled in Gestalt therapy and is a member of Silvan Thompkins Institute of Affect Script Psychology.

If you have any questions, contact IITAP at 480-575-6853 or [email protected]

August 7th, 2015

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