Upset wife after learning truth from husband

January 15, 2024

Partners of Sex Addicts Face The Pain of Discovery

Partners of sex addicts often tell us that the discovery of the betrayal is one of the most traumatizing aspects of dealing with a sexually addicted spouse. Specifically, the way they found out is what partners tend to say is the most painful.

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woman rebuilding trust with husband

January 31, 2023

When Your Partner Is (Or Was) a Sex Addict

So your partner has completed treatment for sex addiction. That’s a big step! Whether you’ve been with him the whole way or met him during or after treatment, you’re probably wondering what your relationship will look like going forward. It’s no small feat to support a significant other through recovery. At the same time, you may be in need of your own healing and restoration of trust.

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woman shocked at phone

December 21, 2022

Why Do Men Send Explicit Photos?

Exhibitionism existed centuries before the creepy guy in a trench coat was a thing. “Indecent exposure” became a legal term as early as 1820. In fact, it may well date back to discovery of the penis itself, as there is some biological hard-wiring involved. So we really can’t blame the smart phone or social media for what is just our culture’s newest form of exhibitionism.

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teenage male on phone at night

May 23, 2022

Are Sex Addicts Getting Younger?

Are sex addicts getting younger? “Sex addiction” is a complicated label, and usually it’s shorthand for a combination of life-disrupting sexual behaviors. The main characteristic of these behaviors is that they are compulsive, cause severe distress, and become a focal point in a person’s life regardless of negative consequences.

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